The new term brings the start of a new email service to the University. Titled Nexus365 the new service replaces the Nexus email service and adds Office365 functionality to your account.

Full details of the new service, including help can be found here:

All Oxford Nexus users will receive notice that their accounts will be migrated over to the new Nexus365 service, when you receive these emails please pay careful attention to your migration date.

As ever the College ICT team will be on hand to help with the new service, any issues call us on 01865 270597.

The basic getting started guide is provided here for convenience:

Nexus365 Getting Started Guide

We will add some more posts to the blog to help users out as we uncover issues or easy fixes.

When will I get this new service?

  • The College administrative function migrates on Wednesday 18th April 2018
  • All students will migrate on August 2nd 2018
  • Academic staff will need to check with their departments for their migration date