There are two main passwords used at Oxford University to access various services such as emails and wireless networks. These are Single-Sign-On (SSO) password and Remote Access password.

SSO is used for most of the services provided by the College/University. They include emails, printing, Battels account top-up etc. SSO account is protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Whenever you use a service protected by SSO, you will have to enter the MFA code before you can access it. Without a valid MFA you will not be able to access the service. Remote Access password is used to access College wireless netwrok and Oxford University VPN.

Here is a list of services and which password you must use for it.

Which password to use where?

ServicePassword to use
Single-Sign-On password
Web Printing
Single-Sign-On password
Meal Booking and Card Top-Up
Single-Sign-On password
Somerville wirelessRemote Access Password
Eduroam wirelessRemote Access Password
Oxford VPNRemote Access Password
College computersSingle-Sign-On password – Does not require MFA
CONNEXIONS wirelessSpecial code sent via SMS

Forgotten your password?
To reset your SSO password visit
To reset your Remote Access password visit