This section contains information on preparing your computer for connection, using the Site-Wide WiFi Network or a network cable, and registering your devices.

Before getting connected, you should check the Rules for IT Facilities and make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for connection to the Somerville network.

Access to the College network and the internet requires your University of Oxford Single Sign-On (Webauth) account or SSO. You should have activated this before arriving at Somerville College, if not then you will need to speak to the College Academic Office who will help you out.

To access the wireless network, first, you will need to activate your remote access password, this is separate from your main SSO password, but you can do this yourself via the University Self-Registration System.

Once you have activated your Remote Access password (also used for VPN and EDUROAM) you can follow the instructions on the Somerville Wi-Fi & Wired page.

For access to CONNEXION, you will use an access key received via an SMS text. (More information on the CONNEXION page)

The first time you connect to the Somerville network at the start of each term you will be asked to register your computer using the self-registration system, you may register up to 5 devices for use within the College, including mobile devices or console devices. Your devices will be un-registered at the end of each term.

Please visit the University Welcome to IT @ Oxford website for general information on IT in Oxford.

Pre-arrival computer check

Before you arrive at Somerville, you can check whether your computer will be compatible with the College Network Policies. This will help you to get online as quickly as possible.

Simply download the client that is used by the registration process in College. This is available at the Remote Scan site.

Download and run the Bradford Dissolvable Agent (BDA) application. The results will tell you if you pass or fail the requirements for connecting in College. If your computer fails you will get details of why it has failed, which will help you update your computer before you arrive.