Following a student wireless survey in December 2020, students reported that they were having issues with connections on eduroam across the University, and in most cases moving to a local College provided network resolved these issues and provided better connections

IT Services report to College

Following this survey we continue to promote the move to the CONNEXION networks above using Eduroam within the College-owned buildings, in addition to this, we have launched a new network called CONNEXION to improve and support more Internet of Things devices, do have a read about it here:

An overview of the networks

A quick introduction/reminder of what each network at Somerville College is capable of for the start of term. This might get rather technical so a quick summary:

  • CONNEXION is a new type of network that allows access from many more devices than traditional University networks, this uses the same registration system and speeds as SOMERVILLE.
  • EDUROAM has a maximum capacity of 300 Mbps shared across the College.
  • The Cloud has a maximum capacity of 50 Mbps shared across the College.

All networks have their technical limits such as wireless network speeds. This can be either device or access point speed limits (iPhone has a lower max speed than a MacBook Pro). Our wireless network access points are currently capable of speeds up to 300Mps per access point.

Lunchtime and evenings are the busiest times across the Somerville and University networks, slower speeds are expected at those times.

Advice on which networks to use in and out of College

For further help or advice email or call us on 01865 2 70597.


What is it:

  • (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Who runs it:


  • Per device limited to 50Mbps.
  • Per college limit, current test are showing a limit of around 300Mbps.

These speeds may change from time to time.


What is it:

  • Somerville College’s own ‘home-from-home’ wireless network, connected to the University of Oxford backbone network at 1Gbps

Who runs it:


  • no per device limit, Wireless 802.11N max speed of 300Mbps
  • College limited to 1Gbps

The Cloud

What is it:

  • The Cloud is a public wireless network, available in some Oxford Colleges and Departments and lots of shops and restaurants across the UK. It is connected to the College network at 50Mbps and can get very congested.

Who runs it:

  • The Cloud
  • This public network is provided to visitors of the College, by The Cloud and is primarily aimed at visitors and guests to the College who are not members of the University or College.


  • no per device limit, Wireless 802.11N max speed of 300Mbps
  • Per college limit, 100Mbps