Phishing email about Nexus Mailbox

Dear All, We have noticed a new phishing email that’s been going around warning users their mailbox is set to expire unless action is taken. The email appears to be from IT Service Desk <>.Please be mindful that neither ourselves nor IT Services will ever ask you to confirm/verify/renew/activate/reactivate your Read more…

Microsoft Teams – Disable Auto-start

A guide to preventing Teams popping up every morning. You can access the settings menu near the top right. Click on your profile icon -> Settings. In the general settings:You can change to a preferred themeYou can disable the auto-start or allow Teams to start silently in the background.

Get Connected – Somerville

Before You Start: Check that you understand the IT rules and that your computer’s security accords with our minimum requirement (see computer requirements) Ensure you have activated your SSO Username and password. This is the username of the form: ‘some1234’ or ‘lina4567’. (If you don’t have one, please see the Read more…

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