Members of the Universiy of Oxford have FREE access, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE to a large on-line library of video-based courses, supported by transcripts and practical exercises.

The courses are engaging, can be dipped into or watched in their entirety, and are perfect for developing your IT skills in support of your studies and future careers – they are also a great just-in-time reference, better than searching YouTube!

Visit and login with OXFORD SSO credentials.


The University has recently obtained a licence which gives University members free access to a large collection of high quality video-based courses covering IT and business skills development. The video library is supplied by

Engagement of staff and students with is going well – nearly 2,500 users. The Christmas break would be an ideal time for you to make use of – both as a support tool and as an IT skills development resource for the future.

Hope you find this useful.

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