The survey was completed and the college received the separate reports, one for each building, going on some 380 pages.  We are still awaiting an updated summary document but the list of recommendations is quite small and we hope to have them all implemented before the Christmas closure (20th December).

Here is a taste of just the conclusions page from one building:

Barbara Craig House

Survey Conclusions

Conclusions that can be drawn from the survey are highlighted in the subsequent sections.

Survey Findings

As highlighted by the RSSI heat maps, 802.11 coverage is present throughout the site at levels above the defined threshold of -70 dBm. There are a couple of areas that do not meet this threshold on the 5 GHz band, however 2.4 GHz coverage is present in this area – most notably rooms 19 and 20. There are also some areas that do not meet the threshold on the 2.4 GHz band, however these areas are covered by the 5 GHz band – most notably hallways.

The SNR heat maps do show a degradation in quality throughout out the first floor on the 2 .4 GHz band, however on the 5 GHz band meets the SNR quality meets the threshold of 16 dB. The high noise floor is most probably caused by wireless clients being used in the shop and restaurant frontages on the ground floor below.

Recommended Changes

I would suggest increasing the transmission power of the 5 GHz radio of AP-BCH-2-4 located in flat 18-20 on the second floor of the Barbara Craig House building. This should reduce the coverage blackspot on the 5 GHz band in rooms 19 and 20.