Almost there…

As of 4pm today we have 290 wireless access points online serving the College. We are currently snagging the remaining issues which affect around 8 access points we still need to bring online. Please give the wireless network a good test and if you could provide feedback to us that would be great, email us via

Snagging issue list

  • Wolfson – 1 AP
  • Penrose – 1 APs
  • Darbishire – 1 AP
  • House – 1 AP
  • Library – 1 AP
  • Park – 1 APs

Bright lights?

As we have a few of the new wireless APs installed on the ceiling in some bedrooms, you may see a bright light in the corner of the AP, this is to tell us the device is working. Of course we understand that you may not want a bright white LED shining on you. So if you would prefer us to turn it off for you please email telling us your building and room number and that you would like us to turn off your LED. We will get this done for you as soon as we can (please remember we are only here during office hours, mon-fri 9am to 5pm).