We had hoped by now to be able to let you know that all the wi-fi issues that we have been experiencing over the past few months have been successfully tackled. Unfortunately I am afraid that this is not the case. We carried out extensive surveys and college-wide testing over the summer and now have much clearer understanding of why the wi-fi is not operating correctly and, as ever, it has not been a straightforward job either to diagnose the problems or then to fix them.

However, after consultations and recommendations from our network suppliers and hardware providers, we are now ready to start putting things right. We anticipate this will start very shortly and we will provide regular updates on the IT blog so you can follow our progress .

We would like to apologise again for the difficulties you have been experiencing but the solution we have now agreed on should ensure we have stable and sufficient wi-fi- system for the next five years of its lifecycle.

Please do contact me if you have any questions regarding this project

Dr Anne Manuel
College Librarian, Archivist and Head of Information Services
01865 270694