Before You Start:

  • Check that you understand the IT rules and that your computer’s security accords with our minimum requirement (see computer requirements)
  • Ensure you have activated your SSO Username and password. This is the username of the form: ‘some1234’ or ‘lina4567’. (If you don’t have one, please see the Academic Office/HR Office)

Connecting to the Wi-Fi:

To connect to the Somerville wireless network for the first time there are three steps:

  1. Obtain a remote access password:
  • Using an internet connected device (you can use your SSO username and password to access any College computer) go to the University’s self-registration homepage and sign in again with your SSO username and password.
  • Choose the second option, ‘Activate or Change a Remote Access password’ to create a new remote access password
  1. Connect to the Internet:
  • Set up a new internet connection on your laptop by clicking on the wireless icon and choosing the network called ‘Somerville’
  • The username will be your SSO username followed by @OX.AC.UK (g.some1234@OX.AC.UK) – note the capital OX.AC.UK after the ‘@’ symbol.
  • The password will be your new Remote Access password.
  1. Register your Laptop:
  • Now when you open a new window with your web browser, you will find a screen asking you to register your device for the Somerville Wi-Fi network. During the following process, your computer will be checked for up-to-date anti-virus software and current Operating System security fixes.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. When asked for your SSO username and password, use your normal SSO password, not your remote access one.
  • Once you have been notified that you have successfully registered your device, you will be connected to the remediation service for the final checks that ensure your computer complies with our safe network policy (mobile devices will not need to go through remediation and should now be ready to use). For laptops, follow the on-screen instructions, updating any failed checks using the links that are provided.
  • After each update you will need to re-scan your computer until all checks are successful. You will then be asked to restart your web browser.
  • Registration is now complete and you should have access to the Somerville network.

N.B.  If you have any problems with this process please bring your laptop to the IT Helpdesk on the ground floor of Maitland 12:00 – 13:00 and 13:30 – 14:30. Or email us at the following address: or call us on 01865 2 70597.