St Giles Terrace (Woodstock Road)

The houses on Woodstock Road are external to the Colleges internet infrastructure as such we are providing wi-fi using a system beam over a connection to the houses (at 2nd story height), 14,16,18,20,22,24,28,30,32 and 36, from the main College site. This connection will provide access to the EDUROAM network for residents, but we strongly advise that residence use the network we have provided exclusively, called Somerville-SGT. This network is only available from the wireless AP’s on the SGT houses and will greatly reduce technical issues with connectivity.

Due to the location it is possible to see and attempt to connect to the EDUROAM, Somerville or The Cloud networks, however this will result in slow performance and frequent connection issues.

Advice on getting the best signal

  • Use only the Somerville-SGT network on all of your devices.
  • We strongly advise that you delete or disable all other wireless networks, especially those from the College (EDUROAM, Somerville, The_Cloud)
  • Laptops are going to get a stronger connection in these houses due to the larger antenna installed in them, mobile phones and tablets may sometimes struggle to get a good signal.
  • The signals are designed to be stronger in the front bedrooms of the houses, and not the kitchen or back utility rooms etc.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of Windows 10 or Apple OSX, and that all updates are installed.
  • Turn off any and all wireless hotspots from your own devices, these will cause interference for all users within your property, and maybe your neighbours too.

Getting connected

Somerville-STG is a mirror copy of the Somerville network, as such the instructions to join Somerville-SGT are identical, please follow the instructions here, but making sure you are connecting to Somerville-SGT at all times: